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842: Prompt Engineer: High Skill or High Hype?

As AI continues to pervade our daily lives, a new profession has emerged on the horizon: the Prompt Engineer. In this episode, Chris delves deep into the world of Prompt Engineering, seeking to demystify its essence. Is it a genuinely high-skilled job carving out a new niche in the tech industry, or merely another fleeting trend, inflated by hype? Drawing from firsthand experiences and industry insights, Chris unravels the intricacies involved in training and finetuning AI models, the delicate art of crafting prompts, and the profound impacts these prompts can have on AI outputs. Beyond just the technical aspects, the discussion also touches on the ethical considerations and the broader societal implications of this evolving role. Tune in to hear an in-depth exploration of a job title that might become as commonplace as ‘software engineer’ or ‘data scientist’ in the years to come.



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