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845: From Digital Pioneering to Championing Data Privacy

In this episode, seasoned entrepreneur Wes Kussmaul delves deep into his extensive career in tech, starting with the inception of the world’s first online encyclopedia in 1981. As he navigates through significant sales to media moguls and his relentless quest to instill accountability online, Wes unveils insights from his book, “Quiet Adjourances.” The conversation also sheds light on the downfall of Nortel, attributed to intellectual property theft. A pressing dialogue on the value of personal data privacy ensues, as Wes and Chris ponder over potential solutions and networks to guard against current data harvesting practices. Delving into the business world, they discuss the unique structure where intra-corporation companies operate independently, sometimes even in competition, highlighting a phishing prevention tool by MailSlot. The conversation rounds off with a critique of industries that gain from ongoing problems and the prospects of integrating authenticity solutions at the board level for heightened security.



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ai startups and the future

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