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852: Media’s Evolution: From Layers to Simplicity – A Dive into Narrative Complexity

Chris embarks on a journey highlighting the stark differences between the past and present narratives within media. Using the anime series “FLCL” as a touchstone, he illustrates how stories once rich with depth, intricacies, and multiple intertwining storylines have gradually been flattened to offer more straightforward, and often oversimplified narratives.

Drawing parallels from “FLCL” and its subsequent seasons, Chris emphasizes a concerning trend where the denseness of stories diminishes, making them less engaging and less thought-provoking. The ‘flattening’, as he refers to it, represents this transition from media that challenged its audience, making them think, interpret, and fill in the gaps, to content that spells everything out with a little left to interpretation. Such a shift, he suggests, risks underestimating the intelligence of the audience and their capability to engage in imaginative participation.

By comparing older iconic works like “Blade Runner” and “Toy Story” which held multiple layers and depths, to some of the newer media offerings, Chris paints a vivid picture of this transformation. He passionately calls upon modern creators, urging them to revert to crafting multi-layered tales. By doing so, they not only respect the audience’s intelligence but also enrich the overall viewing or reading experience, making it more immersive.

In a world of rapid technological advancements, Chris’s plea is a reminder of the timeless value of nuanced storytelling. As he signs off, he leaves his listeners with a compelling message, to not forget the essence and power of a well-crafted, complex story.



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