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853 The NOFAKES Act, Deep Fakes, Hollywood Strikes, and Owning Our Digital Presence

The episode delves into the recent Hollywood writers’ strike, which stemmed from studios wanting to use AI-generated likenesses of actors without consent or compensation. The host emphasizes the ethical implications of profiting from someone’s digital likeness without permission, especially in today’s age where it’s challenging to differentiate between real and deep fake content. The discussion then shifts to the Senate’s “No Fakes Act”, aiming to criminalize the creation and dissemination of deep fakes. The act’s efficacy is questioned in light of technology’s rapid advancements, exemplified by a recent Tom Hanks deep fake in a dental advertisement. While pondering the curious choices of celebrities in ads, the host highlights the need for individuals to own their digital avatars, envisioning a future where these digital twins perform tasks on their behalf.



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ai startups and the future

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