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855 Sales in the Digital Age: Balancing Tech and the Human Touch

Chris and Adam Springer delve deep into the modern sales landscape. They explore the merits of virtual meetings and underline the importance of both inbound and outbound sales techniques. While the duo stresses the critical role of identifying and understanding a client’s pain points, they also champion research to ensure a company’s offerings align with client needs. Diverse outbound communication methods such as cold emails and LinkedIn outreach are evaluated. Notably, they spotlight the significance of tailored messaging while cautioning against over-relying on volume. Discussing AI’s role in sales, Chris and Adam caution that while AI can enhance specific aspects like research, it cannot replace the authenticity of human-to-human interactions. The episode ends with an emphasis on setting appropriate expectations, the essential art of selling oneself as a startup founder, and the strategic move of building an audience before a product launch.



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ai startups and the future

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