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866 Are You An Accel or a Decel?

Are You An Accel or a Decel?

In this episode, Chris reflects on a Bay Area Futurist meetup he attended years ago where life extension scientist, Aubrey De Grey, introduced the concept of potentially achieving immortality by extending human life by 20 years at a time. In contrast, a member of the President’s Ethics Committee argued that humans should respect the natural cycle of birth and death. This led to an engaging debate on the ethics versus the feasibility of life extension. Chris introduces two types of thinkers: “accelerators”, who believe in exploring all possibilities before delving into their ethical ramifications, and “decelerators”, who prioritize ethical considerations before attempting any new venture. Drawing an analogy with a job offer scenario, Chris champions the accelerator perspective, emphasizing the significance of fostering choices, even if we don’t always opt for them. He concludes by urging listeners to contemplate the myriad opportunities technology can present in the future.



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