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867 Audience First, Product Second: Navigating the Modern Startup Landscape

Audience First, Product Second: Navigating the Modern Startup Landscape

Get ready as Chris dives into what’s shaking up the startup scene in our latest episode. He’s talking about a game-changer: the need to gather a crowd before you even sketch your product blueprint. Remember the pop socket sensation? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Chris has seen many founders tackle a personal issue, whip up a fix, and push it to market. But here’s the twist for 2023: in our noisy, jam-packed digital space, your startup’s voice will barely make a ripple without an audience tuning in.

Sure, broadcasting your big idea before it’s fully baked could lead to copycats. Yet, Chris spotlights the trump card ā€“ a loyal audience. He argues that, nowadays, rallying a community of followers is tougher than churning out a product, yet it’s your golden ticket to the startup success story.

So join in and let’s dissect this modern-day mantra of ‘audience first, product second’ that could redefine the entrepreneurial journey. Tune in now for this thought-provoking spin on startup strategy.



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