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868 Task Economy: The New Work Frontier?

Task Economy: The New Work Frontier?

In our latest podcast episode, Chris takes us on a deep dive into the future of work and it’s nothing like we’ve known before. Forget the regular 9-5 job cycle and the side hustle gig economy; Chris is introducing us to the next big wave: the Task Economy.

Elon Musk and Rishi Sunak got the ball rolling at the AI summit, discussing how AI might just spell the end of traditional work. Chris, however, has a slightly different take – it’s not about the end of work, it’s about transforming the way we work.

Imagine a world where work is dispatched to you based on what you do best. You’re strolling in the park, and boom – you get a prompt on your phone asking if you want to earn points by tidying up a bit. Or maybe while you’re chilling on a bench, you get a quick task to classify some images. This is the task economy – where AI dispatchers, or even human-AI teams, assign tasks to whoever, or whatever (think robots!), can do it best.

Chris believes we’re heading towards an era where living your life and work blend seamlessly, tasks fitting into your day as neatly as puzzle pieces. And you get rewarded for it, too, with points you can trade for essentials like food and rent.

So, listeners, what’s your take? Is the Task Economy on the horizon? Will we see this shift in the next five years? Explore this with Chris and dive into what might just be the future of making a living!



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