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869 Digital Doppelgängers: The Avatar Age

Digital Doppelgängers: The Avatar Age

In this fresh episode, Chris pulls us into a conversation that’s straight out of a sci-fi novel but is our reality today. We’re talking about digital avatars – the kind that can mimic real people so well, that they could replace you in meetings, or worse, tarnish your reputation without your consent. Chris reveals how anyone active on social media has left enough digital breadcrumbs to create an avatar that can say or do virtually anything. This isn’t a distant possibility; it’s happening now, and Chris himself has experimented with this tech using his own voice on a sister podcast, thanks to advanced voice-cloning services. But with great tech comes great responsibility, and that’s where Chris hits the serious note. He advocates for ‘Digital Representation Rights,’ ensuring that nobody but you should wield the power to use your digital twin. Think about it – your avatar could attend meetings, give updates, and interact on your behalf, remembering details you might have forgotten. But what if someone else had that control? Chris challenges listeners: are we ready to embrace this future, and are we ready to protect ourselves in it? Where do you stand – pushing the accelerator on this innovation or pumping the brakes for safety? Remember, in deepfakes and online deception, owning your digital self is not just about convenience; it’s about security.



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