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871 LinkedIn’s Lost Opportunity: Beyond the Job Board

LinkedIn's Lost Opportunity: Beyond the Job Board

Buckle up because today we’re tackling the big one: LinkedIn’s future, or rather, what it could have been. In this episode, I share my two cents on LinkedIn’s billion-user celebration and their shiny new AI chatbot for job seekers. But here’s the twist – is LinkedIn betting on a dying horse?

We’ve all felt the shift – from steady 9-to-5s to the dynamic world of gigs and tasks. Jobs as we know them are becoming as rare as a calm comment section. So, why is LinkedIn doubling down on job boards when they should be playing matchmaker in the business world?

Remember when LinkedIn was the go-to for business networking? Well, it’s turned into another social board, and frankly, that’s a party no one asked for. We’ve got enough of those. What we’re starving for is a real business marketplace – connecting motivated buyers with sellers without the noise of pointless pitches.

Imagine an Internet with less fluff, fewer ads, and your inbox just breathing in that fresh, unsolicited-email-free air. We’re talking about a marketplace revolution – and LinkedIn, it seems, missed the memo.

So, as I wrap this up, think about it: Could the future of work and business networking look a lot less like LinkedIn and more like a targeted marketplace utopia? I think so. But who’s going to step up?



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