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875 Revolutionizing Meetings with AI: The Sembly Story

Revolutionizing Meetings with AI: The Sembly Story

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of AI meeting assistants with Artem Korem, the brains behind Sembly AI. Imagine sitting in a meeting and having an AI buddy who not only listens in but also gives you a neat summary, complete with tasks and key points. That’s what Sembly AI is all about! Artem shares his journey in tech and product management, shedding light on the startup grind and the quest for that perfect product-market fit. Their product’s effectiveness and utility became apparent when they started relying on it themselves – talk about eating your own dog food! We also get into the different flavors of AI assistants in the meeting space. Sembly isn’t just another AI; it’s like a supercharged team member focused on productivity and automation. It’s got the smarts to integrate with various apps, handle multiple languages, and make sure you never miss a meeting detail. Now, let’s get a bit futuristic. Artem and Chris muse about a time when AI might just take our place in meetings. But let’s be real – the human touch isn’t going anywhere soon. Meetings of the future might just be a blend of AI efficiency and human insight. As for the big question – will AI steal our jobs? Chris and Artem believe it’s more about evolution than replacement. The future’s bright with new roles popping up for AI-savvy communicators and tech wizards shaping these AI platforms. Hit play to explore how AI is transforming the way we meet and work. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share your thoughts in the comments! Let’s unravel the future of AI in the workplace together! 🚀🤖📝



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