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882 Bridging the Gap: Navigating the Modern Marketing Maze

Bridging the Gap: Navigating the Modern Marketing Maze

In this episode, Chris dives into the often overwhelming world of getting your product noticed. He explores the challenge every startup founder, business owner, and product manager faces: reaching customers amidst the digital clamor.

Chris points out a stark reality – building a product is no longer the hard part. The real challenge? Cutting through the noise to make your product known. With the internet saturated with endless “Buy me!” shouts, reaching your target audience feels like an uphill battle.

So, how do you break through? Chris presents two options: first, the “dance for the machines,” where you create content that algorithms favor, hoping it eventually reaches your audience. Or second, the more straightforward path of paid advertising on dominant platforms like Google and Facebook.

Chris likens this situation to crossing a bridge guarded by a troll – a fitting metaphor for the gatekeepers of customer access. At one end, you have your eager customer, and at the other, there’s you, with a product that could potentially solve their problem. But to connect, you either entertain the troll (the algorithms) or pay the toll in ad dollars.

The episode emphasizes the importance of building an audience before the product. By establishing a connection with potential customers first, you can tailor your product directly to their needs, bypassing the troll altogether.

This episode is a must-watch for any startup founder or business strategist navigating the modern marketing labyrinth.



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