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886 The Power of Techno-Optimism

The Power of Techno-Optimism

In this engaging episode, Chris delves into the theme of techno-optimism, inspired by James Pethokoukis’ book, “The Conservative Futurist.” Reflecting on historical shifts in attitudes towards technology, Chris emphasizes the need for a positive outlook on technological advancements. He recalls the era of Walt Disney, a period marked by a hopeful vision for the future, and contrasts it with the subsequent pessimistic views that emerged in the 70s. Chris challenges the prevailing dystopian narratives in science fiction and media, advocating for a balanced perspective that recognizes technology as a neutral tool that can be used for both good and evil. He urges listeners to use technology to unite and uplift humanity, rather than to divide and destroy. Throughout the episode, Chris highlights the importance of positive envisioning in driving technological innovation and improving the human condition.



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