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891 Gemini AI, Grok, and the Evolving Chatbot Landscape

Gemini AI, Grok, and the Evolving Chatbot Landscape

This episode dives into the recent exciting developments in the world of AI, with a particular focus on the launch of Google’s Gemini AI, powering the chatbot Bard, and the release of Grok by XAI. Despite high expectations, Chris finds that both Gemini and Grok fall short in performance. He shares his firsthand experience with Bard, describing it as underwhelming and even being told to “go Google it” for certain queries. The discussion then shifts to Grok, accessible to Premium Plus subscribers on X, which, while interesting, still seems to lack something crucial. The episode highlights the evolving nature of these AI models, comparing them to children who need time and interaction to grow and learn. Despite these shortcomings, Chris encourages listeners to try out these new tools and participate in their development. He acknowledges that we’re just at the beginning of this generative AI journey, suggesting that there’s much room for growth and improvement in the future.



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