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898 Advancing Natural Gas Technology with Upwing Energy

n this podcast episode, Herman Artinian, CEO of Upwing Energy, discusses the innovative advancements in natural gas technology. Upwing Energy specializes in developing compressors that efficiently tap into the 40% of natural gas reserves left underground after initial drilling, aiming to minimize environmental impacts. The episode delves into the challenges encountered in developing this technology, highlighting the complex process of iterative testing and modeling to understand subterranean gas behaviors.

The conversation shifts to the broader future of energy, emphasizing the crucial role of natural gas in powering AI and other emerging technologies. Both the host and Herman agree that while all energy sources are necessary, natural gas will continue to play a significant role, especially with improved infrastructure and emission control. They also discuss the potential of offshore and yet undiscovered reserves, stressing the importance of responsible development to balance energy needs and environmental conservation.



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