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902 Diving into the Future of Water Treatment

In a fascinating podcast interview with Ravi Kurani, the founder of Sutro, we explore the innovative journey of his water sensor startup. Born from the frustration of regularly testing pool water, Ravi developed advanced sensors to accurately measure water quality parameters like pH and chlorine levels, tailored for diverse applications including pools, drinking water, and agriculture. Sutro’s technology came as a response to the rising concern over emerging contaminants like PFAS, which have only recently become measurable in water sources.

The startup’s journey wasn’t without challenges, but a strong response to preorders and the ability to build high-quality sensors quickly established its product-market fit. This success led to industry recognition and eventually acquisition, allowing Sutro to scale its technology across different markets.

Looking ahead, by 2033, Ravi envisions a world where Sutro’s autonomous systems are a staple in every pool, and beyond, offering real-time sensing and dispensing of customized treatments. This revolutionary approach aims to transform water treatment into a hands-off, automated process, ensuring safer and cleaner water in various applications.



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