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907 The Art of Prompt Engineering

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of generative AI and its reliance on the vast repository of human-generated data. The host explores the concept of prompt engineering, comparing ‘lean’ and ‘fatty’ prompts in terms of their impact on AI-generated content. A lean prompt offers minimal guidance, allowing AI to freely interpret the request and potentially create more innovative and unexpected results. In contrast, a fatty prompt is highly specific, directing the AI to produce a precise outcome but potentially limiting its creative contribution. The discussion highlights the significance of striking a balance between guiding the AI and allowing room for creative interpretation. This approach not only refines our interaction with AI but also opens the door to unexpected, innovative outputs, showcasing the collective wisdom of humanity embedded within AI responses. Whether in imagery or text, the choice between a lean or fatty prompt can significantly influence the AI’s response, revealing the importance of understanding and skillfully navigating prompt engineering in AI applications.



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