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912 Will AI Steal Your Job?

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the growing concern about AI replacing human jobs. The host introduces the concept of the “Scale of Inhumanity” to assess how much of one’s job could potentially be done by AI versus what requires a human touch. This scale ranges from completely humane tasks, requiring human creativity and interaction, to inhumane tasks, which are routine and can be automated. The discussion highlights the need for a significant shift in how we view work, suggesting that jobs high on the inhumanity scale should be handled by AI. This would free humans to focus on more creative, humane tasks that only we can perform. The episode also challenges organizations to reallocate their workforce towards more human-centric roles, rather than just letting go of employees due to automation. This approach not only benefits the workers but also adds immense value to the work being done. The host argues for a future where human work is highly valued and AI is leveraged for tasks it does best, leading to a more balanced, fulfilling work environment.



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