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913 The End Of Plagiarism

This episode delves into the recent controversy surrounding Claudine Gay at Harvard and the broader issue of plagiarism in academic and professional circles. The host examines the natural human tendency to conserve resources and effort, often leading to unethical shortcuts like plagiarism. The discussion pivots to how this behavior reflects a shift from a high-trust to a low-trust society, where people are more inclined to do what they can get away with, rather than adhere to ethical standards. The rise of AI and its ability to generate unique content further complicates the issue, making it harder to detect plagiarism. This trend towards a low-trust society is highlighted as a concern, with a call to return to a high-trust environment where honesty and integrity are valued and expected. The episode encourages listeners to consider the benefits of living in a high-trust society and to reflect on their own actions and the societal norms they promote.



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