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915 Navigating the Future of AI in Startups and Legal Services

In this insightful podcast episode, host Chris interviews Robert Plotkin, a patent attorney specializing in helping tech startups secure intellectual property protection. Robert emphasizes the critical role of patents and IP for startups, sharing examples where failing to secure IP rights led to larger companies copying innovative ideas. He also outlines the advantages of early IP protection in attracting investors and potential acquirers, noting that having filed applications or obtained grants can make a startup more appealing.

The conversation then shifts to the future of AI and its potential ubiquitous integration across various sectors. Robert suggests that in the next decade, AI will become a common tool rather than a novelty, with early adopters gaining a competitive edge. He predicts consumer tools could even handle tasks like medical diagnoses. The podcast also explores the evolving landscape of legal work and professional services in the AI era. With clients increasingly turning to AI tools for basic needs, experts in the field must focus on offering deep expertise, experience, and strategic wisdom that surpasses what AI can provide. Professionals are encouraged to continually advance their skills to tackle complex and emerging issues in this rapidly changing landscape.



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ai startups and the future

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