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918 Becoming Homo Unione Machina

In this insightful podcast episode, the host revisits his 2016 concept of “Homo Nexus,” where humans, due to hyper-connectivity via technology, evolved from individual consciousness to a group consciousness akin to the Borg collective from Star Trek. He elaborates on how we’ve further evolved with the advent of generative AI. Unlike Homo Nexus, which relied on direct human connections, the new stage, termed “Homo Unione Machina,” signifies a deeper union between humans and machines. The host explains that when interacting with AI, we’re essentially consulting the collective knowledge of humanity, reassembled by machines. This new phase in evolution is more than just a collaboration of humans and AI; it’s the birth of a new life form, a hybrid of human intelligence and artificial capabilities. The podcast explores this fascinating transformation and the potential future where humanity and AI are inextricably intertwined, forming an advanced and unified entity.



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