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920 The Podcast Pioneers

In this intriguing episode of the Think Future podcast, broadcasting from Silicon Valley, Chris engages in a lively conversation with Chris Doelle, an early pioneer of podcasting since 2004. They delve into the evolution of podcasting, reminisce about the early days, and discuss the impact of video platforms like YouTube on podcasting’s trajectory. Chris Doelle, with his extensive background in marketing and podcasting, shares insights into his journey. He talks about how he focused on niche markets like Texas high school football with his podcast ‘Lone Star Gridiron’, and later expanded into helping businesses, municipalities, and thought leaders leverage podcasting for their goals. They discuss strategies for monetizing podcasts, the importance of setting the right expectations for new podcasters, and the challenges of building an audience. They also explore the future of podcasting, predicting continued growth and increased big-money investments. However, they highlight the enduring importance of personal, ‘real’ content in podcasts, despite technological advancements and AI integration. Chris Doelle emphasizes the value of audio media in creating intimate connections with audiences and the potential of AI to make podcasting more accessible and efficient. The conversation takes an interesting turn when discussing the unique approach of trying the ‘least popular’ items in restaurants, drawing a parallel to discovering lesser-known but quality podcasts. They wrap up with Chris Doelle sharing how listeners can reach him, highlighting his presence across various social media platforms.



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