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921 AI Hungers For Power

In this thought-provoking episode of our podcast, we discuss a key aspect of artificial intelligence: its insatiable hunger for data and the consequent demand for power. The conversation starts with a clarification about our sister publication, AI, highlighting that while it features news about AI, it’s curated by humans and read by AI, emphasizing the critical role of human-AI collaboration. We delve into how AI, especially generative AI, relies heavily on extensive data from large language models. The more data fed into these models, the more capable and efficient AI becomes. However, this leads to an ironic twist: the growing demands of AI for data and computational power are pushing us toward a crucial juncture in energy innovation. Generative AI’s demand for electricity and energy is massive, raising concerns about sustainability and environmental impact. We argue that this demand could inadvertently drive a revolution in power generation. Just like the space race spurred technological advancements, the pursuit of AI could be the impetus we need to explore and innovate in all forms of energy generation, including nuclear fusion and more efficient fossil fuel methods. The podcast emphasizes the need for an ‘any and all’ approach to energy solutions, underscoring the importance of revisiting and improving every possible energy source. The ultimate goal is to match our technological advancements with equivalent progress in energy generation, thereby ensuring that the AI revolution is sustainable and beneficial for all.



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