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925 Exploring Diverse Paths with Corey Koehler

In this engaging episode, Chris sits down with Corey Koehler, whose career journey is woven from various experiences ranging from foundry work to Google ads management. Corey’s path exemplifies polymathism, showcasing his ventures into blogging, newsletters, and a deep interest in the evolving landscape of work and creativity. The conversation delves into the format of Chris’s podcast, highlighting its unique blend of introductory insights, a future-focused segment, and essential contact information. Corey’s curiosity about integrating creativity and emotion in content creation, especially in an AI-driven world, sparks a discussion about helping people find purpose and fulfillment in their work. A significant theme in this episode is the balance between niche specialization and diverse interests. While Corey recognizes the search marketing advantages of niche content, he finds greater satisfaction in exploring various topics. Chris echoes this sentiment, criticizing the pigeonholing often seen on digital platforms and advocating for the richness that comes from holistic, multi-faceted personalities. This leads to a consensus on the value of curating broad and unexpected discussions in their respective fields. In the latter part of the episode, the focus shifts to strategic planning for newsletters and podcasts. Corey suggests Chris should prioritize launching a newsletter as a long-term asset, sharing insights on preferred platforms like Beehive for its user-friendly writing features. They brainstorm potential themes for Chris’s newsletter, such as harnessing technology to improve humanity, with Corey offering his expertise in marketing to guide its development.



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