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In this episode, we delve into the inspiring world of Parallax Futures, led by its founder, Kim Carson, a fervent advocate for infusing diversity into artificial intelligence and technology. Kim is CEO & Founder of Parallax Futures, a nonprofit startup with a mission to inspire positive futures by creating a new kind of innovator called conceptual technologists. Our fellowship is at the intersection of multi-dimensional diversity, conceptual thinking and AI. Parallax Futures stands at the forefront of conceptual innovation, championing a unique fellowship program that nurtures participants through a comprehensive journey. Over five months, individuals transition from learners to creators, devising conceptual technology solutions that span across disciplines. Kim’s passionate discourse emphasizes the democratization of technology, highlighting the transformative power of AI to unlock creativity among those without technical backgrounds. The introduction of a conceptual technologist credential is poised to bridge the gap between creativity and technology, fostering new job opportunities and gaining recognition in the corporate realm. With aspirations to scale the impact through various programs, Parallax aims to cultivate 3000 conceptual technologists by 2030, eventually evolving into a university for conceptual technology by 2034. The episode closes on a note of optimism, underscoring the boundless potential humanity possesses when united by open access to creative tools, pushing past limitations to let global creativity soar.



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