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In this episode, Roy Baharav, CEO of Hi Auto, discusses how his company is transforming the drive-through experience with advanced voice AI technology. Hi Auto aims to automate order-taking at quick service restaurants (QSRs) using a combination of AI and human supervision to ensure high accuracy. During COVID, drive-throughs became crucial, with sales increasing by 20-30%. Roy shares his journey from being a Google engineer to co-founding High Auto, initially targeting the automotive space but pivoting to drive-throughs due to high demand and labor shortages.

Hi Auto’s approach mirrors Waymo’s autonomous vehicle strategy, where human intervention supports AI systems to maintain accuracy. This hybrid model allows AI to handle most tasks while humans step in when needed. Currently, High Auto operates in nearly 500 stores and plans to expand, especially in regions like California, where new labor regulations increase costs for restaurants.

Roy emphasizes the importance of maintaining high accuracy in order-taking and how AI can enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. The future vision for QSRs involves more automation, akin to a podcast setup requiring fewer people to operate smoothly. With bilingual capabilities and continuous improvements, Hi Auto is set to revolutionize the drive-through industry.



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