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Applauding Jobs Lost Through Automation

If You Lose Your Job To Automation, Find Another Job

For the last little while, I’ve talked a lot about the wonders of automation and robots. That in my vision of the seamless world, ambient computing, coupled with big data and predictive analytics, will make our lives very easy. But some have called me out on that – saying that this wonderful new wave of automation which I am talking about will cost jobs. That I can say all sorts of great things about the Ubers and the AirBnB’s of the world, but in the end, they cost jobs as opposed to creating them. They say that even though Uber seems to be creating opportunity and jobs right now, at some point in the future, they will probably fire all of their employees or contractors and move over to fully autonomous vehicles, therefore destroying thousands of jobs and putting all of these people out of work again.

This very well may happen. Some people might think that due to my stance on automation that I’m happy to see jobs lost through the application of technology.

The truth is, I am. I’m overjoyed when jobs are lost to technology.

By now you are probably saying, who is this kalaboukis joker to say that? He’s actually HAPPY about people losing their jobs? Yes, I am, and let me tell you why.

When you lose a job to technology, its means that the job is no longer fit for humans. It is now only fit for robots and automation. Once that job can be replaced by technology, then that job, in my opinion, is no longer fit for humans to do at all. It’s a good thing that that human is now freed up to do something that only a human can do.

If you think about it, our current modern business world is designed to treat people like cogs in the machine. There is an overall purpose to the company, but your role is reduced to moving your small circle of objects around, and then the next person takes over. Its command and control and hierarchy, instead of the network, and its treats people differently depending on what level they are at within the organization. It’s really like royalty or a feudal system more than anything. (One could argue that a really flat organization is just like a feudal system)

This kind of organization is not an ideal one for humans to thrive in. They can work in this system because we are infinitely flexible and can work in anything from the cushiest desk job to the roughest menial labor. Just because we are able to do it, is it worth it for humans to do it? I say no.

We should be seeing job loss due to automation. Those who have lost their jobs shouldn’t just be looking for the same role if you ask me, as once that role is automated at company A, it’s likely to automate eventually at every other company which is its competitor. So what do you do? Do something that only humans can do. There are plenty of jobs that are only fit for humans. Go find one of those.

Not sure about you, but most people I’ve known end up much better off when they lose their jobs and are forced to find somewhere else to work. Most of the time, they end up in a much better position. Where they may just be unhappy but ensure that there is better work out there for them, pushing them out of work, typically out of their comfort zone, has the effect of creating action.

And life’s too short to do things you hate.

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