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About Chris

I’m Chris Kalaboukis, the polymathic pioneer at the crossroads of AI, startups, tech, philosophy, politics, and the future. I wear many hats – innovator, inventor, philosopher, and futurist, with a dash of author and podcaster thrown in for good measure. My academic adventures in Computer Science, Philosophy, Business, and Artificial Intelligence have brewed a perfect storm of creativity and technological foresight.

My career has been a rollercoaster through various industries, from hospitality and financial services to the tech wonderland, helping companies turn those ‘aha!’ moments into real products. With a proud collection of 359 patents and a legacy referenced in 1,806 others, I’m living my inventor’s dream every day.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a penchant for startups and a writer who loves exploring everything from futuristic tech to ancient philosophies. My latest musings have found a home in ‘Beyond Stoicism‘, my latest book on achieving ataraxia, or a state of calm in a world of chaos.

Before podcasting became the in-thing, I was already riding the wave in 2005. Now, with over 800 episodes tucked under my belt, you can dive into them on my hub,, where I also share some cool YouTube content. And yep, I’ve been tweeting away on Twitter X since 2007, always with an eye peeled for the next tech marvel.

The latest jewel in my venture crown is PolyScopeMedia, where my dedicated crew and I are molding “digitaurs”, a beautiful marriage of human creativity and machine precision, spinning out a colorful array of media. AIDaily.US is our haven for AI buffs, serving up the freshest, hand-curated AI news.

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