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Embracing Human Nature in the Age of Innovation

human nature

Hey everyone, let’s dive into a topic that’s been on my mind lately. I’ve got this collection of books that hit home about the true essence of life, unembellished and real. Unlike many books, especially in the business and success genres, these select few speak to the reality of life, not just its potential.

One standout book in my library is from the early 20th century, written by one of the first ad men, Claude Hopkins. His book, “Scientific Advertising,” is a foundational text on response-driven advertising. Hopkins pioneered ad tracking, using department codes in magazine and newspaper ads to measure their effectiveness. This practice laid the groundwork for the ad tracking we see now in digital advertising platforms like Google and Meta.

But what makes Hopkins’ work, including his autobiography, so compelling is how accurately he captures the human condition and the business world. Despite being written decades ago, his observations on human nature and business practices resonate strongly even today. It’s a reminder that, fundamentally, human nature hasn’t changed much over the years. We’re still the same at our core as we were back when we roamed the savannas as early homo sapiens.

This realization has profound implications, especially when we think about creating new products or initiatives. Often, we expect or wish for human nature to evolve or be different than it is. But the truth is, it changes very slowly, if at all. That’s why many efforts fail – because they go against the grain of inherent human behavior.

Understanding and aligning with human nature is crucial, especially in product development. If we go against it, even slightly, the odds of success plummet. We should be students of human nature, delving deep into people’s hopes, dreams, desires, and fears. At the end of the day, we all share similar foundational needs and wants.

So, when we’re innovating, let’s ensure our creations align with human nature. This approach increases the likelihood of success and resonates more deeply with our intended audience. Remember, if we fail, it’s not the end of the world – we learn and grow from it. But understanding and embracing human nature gives us a much stronger starting point.

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