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Run From Disruption: Pivot Quickly Or Face The Music

Do you remember the time BC (Before COVID)?

Everything was awesome, right? The market was going great – you are selling well – your revenues were rocking and your profits were high. You are thinking that you might be able to afford that new home or that second home. You started seeing yourself in that future. Your employees are happy, everything is running along super smooth. Then suddenly, BAM.

Disruption strikes. A pandemic comes out of nowhere and shuts parts of your business down.

You think – ah – that’s not a big deal – our fundamentals are strong – after all, we’ve been in business 200 years, this disruption is not going to rock our boat. But then, your competitors start to eat into your market share. They are surfing the waves of disruption while you are drowning in them. They were prepared for disruption and you weren’t.

Suddenly, they are offering something your customers just can’t say no to, and your share erodes faster and faster. Then others join the party. You try desperately to pivot, but it’s too late – these competitors are taking your customers because they simply moved faster, provided a better offer, and weren’t weighed down by your legacy systems, which you figured would be good enough. Or they provided such a transformative new customer experience that there was no way you could compete – maybe they created new interface paradigms that spoke directly to new digitally enhanced experiences. Maybe they were faster on the ball to provide contactless, curbside, or delivery services when you were just starting to think that the worst was over and things would go back to normal.

Maybe they were Ubering or AirBnBing your market when you were a taxi company or a hotel chain. They caught you with your pants down – completely unprepared for the onslaught of disruption. Do you know how much money some of your competitors are now sitting on? Probably enough to easily crush you, or at least do some real damage.

Like an earthquake in the SF Bay Area – news reports have said the sometime in the next 50 years there will be a major earthquake – it could come today, tomorrow, or 50 years from now. We don’t know.

However, unlike an earthquake, there are ways to know.

This is what futurists do. We map out your future customer, market, industry, and trends. We look at where things are going and build a strategy based on the foundations of foresight science, to determine your ideal future. Once we have determined your ideal future, we help you forge it, by developing actionable plans to execute that future. After all, the future is there to take – the question is, will you take it, or will your competitors?

We admit – we don’t have all the answers – your own people can help to fill in the blanks on where the future lies for you – crowdsourcing a futurist program is key to understanding your ideal future. Our experts, using the key elements of foresight science, will build a plan for your future, and the steps required to execute it.

The results of our futurist work always lead back to actionable tasks you can perform today to forge your firm’s ideal future.

We can even help you weather the next storm on the horizon, by helping you to build a business that’s resilient against whatever disruption comes along.

You only need to ask.

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